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Converting hockey fans into subscribers

BAMTECH Media partnered with digital ad agency MuteSix to bring in more subscribers for its hockey streaming service, NHL.TV. The team developed an advertising campaign that ran on Google and across Facebook’s family of apps—Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. The text, photo and video ad campaigns were optimized for subscription purchases, increasing the return on ad spend by 4X on Facebook and a 25% increase in purchases on Google. 


more subscriptions came from Facebook in 3.5 months than from all of the year before's programmatic display advertising


return on ad spend across social media campaigns


increase in purchases from Google Ads

When I started working at Disney, the first thing I did was bring on MuteSix. I knew we needed to launch paid campaigns, I needed them done quickly, efficiently, and done well. I knew that MuteSix was super knowledgeable in their space.
Jon Wirt
Director of Marketing, NHL.tv

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