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Accessibility Statement


MuteSix is committed to making its website accessible to people with disabilities. The version of this website you are using employs the features to ensure ease of use by our users.


The site’s use of font and background colors have been designed to ease on-screen legibility.  You can also change your web browser’s default settings.

Font Sizes

You can change the font size in your browser as below:

Internet Explorer: select ‘View’, then ‘Text size’, followed by your preferred size.

Safari: select ‘View’, then select either ‘Make text bigger’ or ‘Make text smaller’.

Chrome: At the top-right, Open Menu;

Next to ‘Zoom’, choose the zoom options that you want

Firefox: At the top-right, Open Menu

Next to ‘Zoom’, choose the zoom options that you want:


Images on MuteSix’s site include descriptive alt tags, other than those the purpose of which is purely decorative, for which is purely decorative, for which alt tags are set to null.


The use of JavaScript on MuteSix’s site has been kept to a minimum.

Style Sheets

MuteSix’s site uses cascading stylesheets for all visual layout. 

Please contact us at privacy@mutesix.com for further information.


Get in touch with us.

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